ANGI is committed to delivering top-quality support that enables you to get meaningful research out to your communities. We specialize in services that help researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs build powerful narratives about their findings that drive citations and build credibility. We provide support for publications and market research in a wide range of fields in life sciences, medicine, bioengineering, health economics, and medical technology.

I Want to Get Published

  • Medical and Scientific Editing : Save time and hassle with our guaranteed editing services. We format your manuscript to meet journal requirements and correct style, grammar, clarity, and more, saving time and speeding your submission. Learn more about our editing service…
  • Figure Preparation: Great figures mean great impact. We can help generate striking figures that will draw attention to your research.
  • Copy & Substantive English Language Editing: We offer two levels of editing, basic proofreading for clarity and usage (or “copy editing”) and more detailed editing for structure, clarity, and content (or “substantive editing”).
  • Translations: We offer native English translation services from virtually all languages to English. Out translation process is a two-step process where the initial translation is then proofed by a PhD-level researcher to ensure clarity and accuracy.

I Want to Get Noticed

  • Graphical Abstracts: Increasingly journals are giving the option to provide high-impact graphical abstracts that drive citations. We create high impact graphical abstracts with no hassle to you.
  • Video Abstracts and White Board Videos: We can create compelling video abstracts that draw attention to your research. White board videos have become a popular way to share research.
  • Posters: Let us turn your research into a poster that will turn heads.
  • Infographics: A picture is worth a thousand words. We can create high impact infographics of your research that build a narrative around your work, making it easier to share and highly citable for all audiences.

I Want to Reach Clients

  • Market Research Services: We conduct full-service market and segment research using a variety of methods, including surveys, focus groups, and economic analysis.
  • Patient Communications: Generic patient materials can fail to reach your patients. We can help you build patient materials that, like your practice, bring unique value to your patients throughout the care pathway.
  • Data Modeling: We specialize in health economic, care pathway, and reimbursement research, using contemporary methods like Monte Carlo analysis, Bayesian statistics, and machine learning. We can help make your data work for you.

I Want to Design Research

  • Protocol and Report Writing: We offer full service contract medical writing services designed to meet local regulatory requirements. Partner with use to develop scientific documentation that meets local and global regulatory requirements.
  • Consent Form Writing: We can help you translate complex scientific concepts into simple language for consents and patient-facing materials.
  • Statistical Services: You have the data, but need help presenting it for submission (or resubmission). We can help you choose the right statistical methods and execute them to present a robust analysis of your data.

Our Philosophy

You have invested time and effort into your research. You’ve done the hard work, but now it’s time to get the word out. That’s where we come in. We believe your research should be a powerful narrative, so everyone can see how important your discoveries are– just like you do. Our growing team of scientists, data and statistical experts, and editing staff can help you to polish your research so that it has the highest impact possible.

Our editing, medical writing, and language experts know science, and they couple it with great storytelling. The result is accurate and compelling prose that showcases your research and streamlines the publication process.

We believe in collaboration, which is why we carefully select Masters and PhD level researchers that are veterans of scientific and publications processes in your field of study.  We are here to expand and enhance your research team. You can choose your level of service, whether you need simple editing or full-service collaboration to design, develop, and execute research. Choose only the services you need to expand your scientific capabilities. We are on your team. We provide the services you need, when you need them.