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Journal Support

Services to help your manuscript get submitted and accepted faster.


Our expert journal editors can help you get your research published faster. Get a real-time quote on academic journal editing services, which you can purchase online through our website using this form. This is a cost estimate only and actual costs are based on complexity and quality of documents and reference materials. Additional costs may apply for complex figure creation/modification, word count reduction, and other services.

Service Levels for Journal Editing

We offer several service levels based on the time and complexity of editing your document. In general, we price editing by the hour, and all of our editors are doctoral researchers, such as MD/MBBA/PhDs with specialized experience in your field. You will never be charged more than the estimated price, but your fee may be lowered if we are able to finish your manuscript faster than anticipated.

  • Basic Journal Editing: Our basic journal editing service will include proofreading and checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb usage, terminology, and general consistency throughout the document. Perfect if you just need English language polishing.
  • Advanced Journal Editing: In addition to the basic service, the advanced service will also offer help to reword sentences, improve terminology, check for flow and readability, and improve the overall impact of the document. Best overall service.
  • Professional Journal Editing: Includes the basic and advanced services plus substantive editing to restructure the document, add/remove citations to best frame your work, rearrange paragraphs to ensure high impact, and improve the overall tone, clarity, and impact of the document. Best service for a manuscript that requires scientific collaboration before publication.

How long does journal editing take?

Normal manuscript turnaround time is 10 days for manuscripts of 8,000 words or less. Please contact us for turnaround times on longer documents.

Documents We Edit

We edit a wide variety of scientific, regulatory, and medical documents, including:

  • Manuscripts
  • Grants
  • White Paper
  • Abstracts
  • Book Chapter
  • Grant Proposals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Medical Editing
  • Academic Journal Editing
  • Product and Package Labels
  • Decks and Presentation
  • Regulatory Documents

Learn more about our services, download our services overview brochure:

If you would like a quote on other scientific or regulatory writing, consulting, or research services please contact us at or via our request a custom service quote.